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Private Residence – Side Lake



Completion Date

December 2017

Floor space 




For this renovation, a prestigious private residence by the Lake, Stephanie Kasel made multiple interventions. We began with the playroom, in the basement, two sad and dark rooms were reunited to create a simple and functional clear space.

Stephanie Kasel replaced the old floor tiles with a clear oak parquet floor which is the guiding thread of this project.

We designed the TV & bookcase and all the bespoke joinery offering very functional new storage. Rolling boxes under the oak shelf were created to allow the kids to store all kind of toys and easily move them in the room.

Three bathrooms were also renewed as well as the master suite. A custom designed dressing room was added and the master bathroom received a complete refreshing relooking.

Stephanie Kasel designed also a bespoke « coiffeuse », a shelf inspired discreet oak veneered furniture piece installed in front of the king size bed.

The materials and textures were carefully chosen to match the oak guiding thread. Solid, veneer, stained or bold accentuated, we plaid around multiples oak finishes to harmonize spaces.

Would you like to take a relaxing seat in the colourful bespoke bay window? Welcome, we offer a complete guided tour !

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