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Established on a reputation of excellence, Stephanie Kasel Interiors stands as more than a mere global interior design firm, it embodies a lifestyle studio, curating personalized services that are intricately woven to meet the unique needs and desires of our esteemed clients. As a comprehensive, full-service interior design firm, we extend our expertise from the very inception of a project through to its construction, offering an all-encompassing experience. Our reputation for unparalleled proficiency in the industry precedes us, as we seamlessly navigate the complexities of each undertaking, ensuring a flawless outcome that surpasses expectations. With an expansive repertoire of interior design services at our disposal, we deliver an exquisite finished result, characterized by an uncompromising commitment to quality and an impeccable eye for the finest details.

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Harnessing the breadth of our exceptional talent pool, we proudly present a comprehensive suite of services encompassing all aspects of Interior Design. With an astute understanding of space planning principles and a steadfast commitment to close collaboration with our clients.


Dedicated to the art of tailoring every aspect of our designs to perfection, our accomplished team excels in crafting bespoke creations that seamlessly integrate fixtures and finishes, precisely tailored to complement the unique design, lifestyle, tastes, and needs of our discerning clients.

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In close collaboration with a network of highly skilled architects, contractors, and artisans, our dedicated team assumes a comprehensive role, overseeing every facet of the design process with meticulous attention. From design management to planning and scheduling, move management, and fit-out consultancy, we guide and supervise each stage


To ensure a seamless cohesiveness in design and fulfill our clients' desires, we engage in close consultation with a select group of trusted experts and suppliers specializing in bespoke cabinetry, lighting, and other related disciplines.

With a steadfast pursuit of exceptional craftsmanship and artistry, we pride ourselves in sourcing the finest pieces from around the world, ensuring that every detail exudes unparalleled beauty and refinement. From rare materials to bespoke furnishings and captivating artwork, we globally source products from around the world.

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Leveraging our expertise in luxury brands and trends, we strive to create bespoke styling solutions that impeccably complement the design style, resulting in exquisitely appointed spaces. With a keen eye for detail, we meticulously curate and source decorative accessories from around the world

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