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Private residence

Complete renovation



Completion date

July 2021


Garance or the metamorphosis of a conventional apartment into a classical and charming setting

Stéphanie Kasel Interiors signs the renovation and complete transformation of a disenchanted apartment.


The wish of our clients was to incorporate some classic codes into the design that we were going to imagine in order to reveal the potential of this accommodation, which benefited from beautiful openings and high ceilings.


Thus, new mouldings have slipped on the fixtures and the point of Hungary parquet definitively ink this apartment in a style combining classic and contemporary.


We decided to redefine the spaces by modelling the entire home.


A "box" painted in deep blue beautifully named "midnight blue" was created to define the large entrance area with its new arrangements perfectly integrated thanks to the work of drawing the mouldings which continue on the adjoining walls.


The plan has been redesigned to create a large kitchen open to the living room, friendly and bright with soft colours and materials having a slight impact on the rest of the decoration.

This large and beautiful kitchen, very functional, is therefore adorned with its finery with in particular the zelliges of the splashback which give it texture and shine.


Stéphanie Kasel Interiors takes great pleasure in designing tailor-made cabinetry for her projects and this great achievement confirms our interest in this area. It is indeed the library topped with its caned doors that is the "star" of the living area.

Large openwork panels and oak frames slide out to conceal the TV screen and reveal beautiful objects and the owners' personal decor.


The bedroom and en-suite shower room echo the materiality of the kitchen by using the same colour code.

The choice therefore fell on a soft green, white and the addition of an assertive texture like here the terrazzo of the ground.

The black taps and accessories energize this small, very functional space.


Our lights, oh these lights, what a delight, chosen from the latest Socialite Family collection, they give this project its allure.


Welcome to Garance !

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