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Coppet | Switzerland

Completion Date

June 2017

Floor space 



The project 

Our work consisted in creating a complete apartment for a family of 4 starting with an empty gross floor area.


This 120sqm empty space was located in an old converted hotel on the Geneva front Lake offering an amazing panorama on the Alps.


Starting the project from this blank canvas, we created 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on the north side.


The master suite offers a large dressing room as well as a bathroom with shower and bathtub


The living areas are south oriented on the Lake side.


The supreme assets of this property are the materials we installed such as walnut wooden flooring and handmade cement tiles.  


We managed to uncover the original dressed stone jambs of the windows which were covered by a lousy coat of plaster.


We had a great pleasure to restore this old townhouse so that it can regain its formal glory.

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