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Completion date

March 2020

Floor space 

220 sqm


Stephanie Kasel Interiors signs the transformation of a triplex in Switzerland to accommodate a lovely family of 6 people.

The studio had to reorganize the space for the 4 children and imagine a master suite with a soft and soothing atmosphere for these very busy parents.

The apartment consists of a basement including a cloakroom and technical areas, a ground floor with the bedrooms and bathrooms, and an upper floor accommodating the living spaces for this family. 

The contemporary style of the studio is reflected in the distribution of the rooms and the choice of sober, timeless and elegant materials. 

White was chosen predominantly, enhanced with light oak, white marble and light patterned wallpapers. 

The owners wanted to dress the boys' bathroom with a graphic touch. We proposed the black and white tiles from 41zero42 on the floor and kept the common thread of white on the walls with earthenware laid vertically. In the girl’s bathroom, the pale blush pink dominates offering a soft and feminine atmosphere. 

In the master suite, 4 materials were used, oak, marble, earthenware and white paint.

The custom made joinery such as the headboard and the walk-in closet provide plenty of storage space. 

As our clients told us, enjoying their new flat, this renovated apartment offers an easy to live space for the whole family.  


What a successful and pleasing compliment for our team! 

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