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Interior design + Project management + Decoration purchasing

Private residence


La Côte | Switzerland

Completion date



Modern Classic & Timeless design.

Follow us to this villa in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland.

Time had stood still 20 years ago in this house with its splendid views of the Alps. Covered in old flooring and more partitioned, an old-fashioned atmosphere dominated the place. Our interior design studio redesigned the entire space.

As a result, the entire layout of the rooms was reviewed, the spaces were connected, the volumes were opened up and revealed multiple perspectives, both through and light, to give this house back all its potential.

We designed a number of bespoke cabinets to punctuate the spaces with character. The kitchen, entrance hall, dressing rooms and bathrooms, as well as useful areas such as the laundry and mudroom, have been fitted out to provide storage and functionality.

In the basement, which we've completely reorganised, the secondary TV room feels like it's been taken out of time. With its custom-made joinery and bio-ethanol fireplace, the space is an enveloping cocoon that I love!

The warm, natural materials create an incomparably soft atmosphere in every room.

Our studio also furnished the entire villa, revitalising the space by integrating new furniture with clean lines, beautiful lighting and discreet accessories to create the ideal atmosphere for our clients.

Many thanks to our customers for their trust, and to our loyal craftsmen and suppliers for the quality of their work and their expertise on this beautiful project.

Enjoy the visit!

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