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Complete renovation Private residence



Completion date

October 2020


Stephanie Kasel Interiors was entrusted with this complete residential renovation to welcome adorable young parents with their new-born baby.

The clients not only wanted us to update the apartment in its whole, but also to create 1 additional bedroom and 2 additional bathrooms to meet their needs.

The plan has been completely revised. We moved the kitchen into the old library, creating a master suite instead of the old kitchen and its adjoining laundry room.
The apartment's only bathroom has been enlarged and divided in two, to accommodate an en-suite bathroom for the baby's room and, an en-suite shower room for the guest room.

A large walk-in closet has been created for the owner, who adores fashion.
This new room takes place in a previously dark space that housed an office area before the acquisition by the new owners.

Of course, following this major space transformation, the materiality has been improved, old floors replaced, walls smoothed and the whole apartment harmonized.

The choice of the wooden floor, a light oak, directed the decorative scheme towards a sober realization with, nevertheless, some touches of colour, especially in the navy blue kitchen,
and in the entry, where a bright emerald green was proposed by our team!

In the living room, stands a family tapestry of the 18th century that the owner wanted us to future.
We suggested to create a light oak frame and wall for it, in the same shade as the parquet.

Behind this tapestry, the walk-in closet is hidden and is accessible by a discreet flush door.

All the cabinetry and fittings were designed by our studio and made to measure by our partner craftsmen, whom we thank very much.

Guided tour of this transformed apartment which now, houses the wonderful little family !

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