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4 rooms apartment


Cologny | Switzerland 

Floor area 

130 sqm


The project

We first started this project when the owners just bought it off plan to a local builder. 
The layout was very standard and the owner wanted something more functional and custom built for his family. 

The concept was made on plans and all the details and materials chosen before the effective move. 

Once the keys were given to the owner our team installed the joinery and the cabinetry. An astute double sided cabinet was created to separate the entrance from the TV room. No one could imagine there was nothing there before! 

We also created a dressing room in the master bedroom and the bathroom furniture was designed on measure.
The result: a clear designed living area, a layout and space which has nothing to do with the original standard design of the flat. 

The owner and his family enjoy living in this easy to live flat we had a great pleasure to design.

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