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Interior design & Decoration
Private residence


Hermance Geneva Switzerland

Completion date

Jan 21 – May 23

Architecture : Amaldi Neder et Associés, architectes
Interior architecture & deisgn: Stephanie Kasel Interiors
Project management and works : Amaldi Neder et Associés, architects
Decoration: Stephanie Kasel Interiors


Geneva-based architects Amaldi Neder et Associés were responsible for the architecture and management of this major construction project, while our team designed the interior architecture. The collaboration worked perfectly and our agency was able to get involved and bring the interior to life throughout the construction process.

This contemporary villa overlooking the lake boasts spacious rooms, warmly coloured wood, noble materials and magnificent finishes.

The heart of the home features a fully bespoke kitchen, meticulously designed in-house to combine practicality with style, ensuring a truly unique space.

The drawing room and dining room embody timeless elegance with expertly crafted and beautifully designed cabinetry alongside bespoke furnishings.

Throughout this remarkable project meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail were implemented in every corner to create a home truly unique for our clients. 

Of course, as we like to do, the cabinetry was fully designed by our agency to meet our Clients requirements.  

We were also lucky enough to be able to offer all the furniture, and to furnish and decorate the entire villa, giving this family a highly personalised cocoon. 

Many thanks to all the team who worked on this project  & enjoy your visit!

Photography : Franck Paubel

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