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CHAUFFEUSE LITHO - Guillaume Delvigne

Born in Saint-Nazaire in 1979, Guillaume Delvigne studied at the Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique and the Politecnico in Milan. After graduating in 2002, he started working in Milan with George J. Sowden, co-founder of the Memphis movement.

In 2005 he moved to Paris and worked for several years for prestigious design agencies. In 2011 he opens his studio, inaugurates his first solo exhibition at the ToolsGalerie and wins the Grand Prix of Creation of the City of Paris. Evolving in fields as varied as furniture, objects, lighting and interior design, he works with manufacturers, publishers and craftsmen. Today, he leads numerous projects for major French houses as well as abroad.

The LITHO collection, which means «stone» in ancient Greek, resembles a primitive landscape where each piece has its own personality and resonates with each other. Large, massive, sculpted forms with a polished, almost mineral appearance emerge. Completely covered in fabric, they pay tribute to the knowhow of the house. Each piece is the result of an assembly of volumes, nested or simply placed one on top of the other, reinforcing this monolithic presence.

The LITHO armchair is available in our store with a large choice of fabrics.


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