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ECHASSE VASE - Theresa Rand

Studio Theresa Rand is based in Copenhagen and works on functional and poetic furniture, living accessories and lighting, characterized by clean lines. The studio’s work focuses on the use of natural, authentic and sustainable materials, their tactile qualities and the way they are combined.

Theresa was trained as an architect in Germany and Denmark. After graduating from the Copenhagen School of Architecture, she decided to focus on furniture design.

Theresa’s approach is very intuitive - «Although functionality is also very important, the atmosphere, the furniture and objects created and the impact they have on a space and on the people who use that space are crucial.»

Stilt vases and bowls combine the classic elegance of a traditional glass vase with a playful, lighthearted expression. This roundbottomed vase is anchored by four slender metal legs that resemble stilts. The vase was inspired by laboratory test tubes, and like the original, the ECHASSE has a classic teardrop shape, constructed from colored glass that gives the vase a unique expression.

The ECHASSE vase collection is available in our store in different colors and sizes.


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